The Ultimate Golf Swing Path Drill by Adam Young

Most average golfers have problems with a slice and the longer the club the more pronounced is the problem. Whether you think that’s caused by “coming over the top ” or whatever it can be one of the most destructive shots in golf. Often the monkey brain seeing that for a right hander you hit the ball from left to right will try to counteract this by getting your body to swing to the left. How frustrating…you’ll probably have seen that this simply makes the problem worse.

Adam Young is a golf coach and author of the bestselling book, “The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers.” He  teaches at Twin Lakes in Santa Barbara, California. Adam has spent many years researching motor learning theory, technique, psychology and skill acquisition.

If you’re looking for a swing path cure Adam’s  video below is in my opinion absolutely brilliant. To me it’s much more akin to my style of mental game performance coaching than any swing technique instruction. It is a classic example of allowing the brain to create movement around a clear intention.

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