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What would you think if I said there was a way to reduce your score by 5 shots or more, without any complicated, expensive or time consuming swing changes?

You’d probably think I was crazy… but that’s what’s on offer in Karl Morris’s MP 3 product “5 Shots Lower Without Changing Your Swing.”

This is  the kind of difference that a top mind coach can help you achieve.

Not only that but this MP3 product comes with 8 Video Bonuses and is guaranteed to get you 5 Shots Lower Without Changing Your Swing. That’s right, guaranteed. This program is covered by the boldest 60 day guarantee I’ve ever seen – you’ll either come home with a lower score after working these habits into your game, or Karl will cheerfully rush you a full, complete refund… and let you keep the program for free.

Can you imagine the satisfaction of finally breaking that score barrier? The elation you’ll feel when winning that competition and slashing your handicap. I even managed to win my Club’s scratch match play championship at the age of 60 after downloading these MP3’s to my phone and  listening to them whilst out walking. Can you picture the look on your golf buddies faces when you make a step change in your game?

Don’t let the low price put you off. This is so powerful you’ll be totally shocked. Whilst I write Karl is even offering a discount but you should hurry as that may not be around forever.

That’s Not All. Here’s My £97 Value Bonus


When you get Karl’s 5 Shots Lower program through the link below you’ll also access a totally free 1 hour individual coaching session with me as a BONUS. Here’s the link

Allow me to explain. My coaching is designed to bring about change. It’s about creating a transformation in the player, in a good way of course. If we keep on doing what we’ve always done it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we continue to get the results we’ve always got.

We truly learn only if our behaviour changes as a result of what we learn.

Tony Robbins says the quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. I used to say that golf was a metaphor for life until I heard Fred Shoemaker say. “Golf isn’t a metaphor for life…it is life!”

My coaching asks questions of you, provides guidance and  simple  steps that if you experiment as I suggest and put into practice the things you find work for you, this will create in you a change that will move you from stuck to unstuck, and help you make a change in behaviour that will fundamentally improve your game and help you enjoy golf more.

As one of my coaching students said recently-

“These coaching sessions with Paul have fundamentally transformed my game in a way no technical coach has been able to do”

Here’s some of the guidance my students experience –

  • The biggest cause of a poor shot and how to self-correct
  • The biggest cliche in golf performance and how to make it work for you
  • What Tour Pros are actually thinking about when they perform at their best and how you can easily train yourself to think the same way
  • The importance of emotional awareness and how to notice more of what really matters
  • How to easily identify whether you have a mind fault or a swing technique fault
  • The Holy grail of golf, consistency, and how you too can become far more consistent
  • How to hit it further and straighter without changing your swing
  • The simplest way for you to become a more confident golfer
  • The most powerful question helping you hole more putts

What Exactly Do You Get?


6 Major winners and over 100 Tour Pros have turned to Karl Morris for help with their mental game.  As one of Karl’s certified mind factor coaches, I’m offering you an opportunity to start to unlock your true golfing potential.

Karl has produced his 5 Shots Lower program to help you slash 5 shots off your score.

You can check out the full details of exactly what’s on offer in this program from my mentor by clicking here

I want to add some massive value

to this offer. There’s a big difference between having the information you need to succeed and putting it to use. To benefit the most  the information you absorb must create a change.

The way you approach and play the game must undergo a transformation.

Nothing beats personalized 1 to 1 coaching to help you discover exactly what works for you and to clear up any misunderstandings.

Karl is Europe’s number 1 performance coach. He’s coached 6 majors and  hundreds of Tour Players. If you can afford him and assuming he’s actually available and even prepared to coach you on a 1 to 1 basis, by all means see if you can book and pay for a package of sessions with Karl.

However, if for whatever reason it’s simply not a viable proposition to have Karl work with you on a 1-1 basis the chance to have probably the next best alternative is now firmly and immediately within your grasp.

When you purchase Karl’s 5 shots lower program   TODAY at

I’ll back that up with a £97 Value 1 hour 1-1 Zoom Coaching Session with me, one of Karl’s certified coaches absolutely NO CHARGE. That’s a whole hour 1 to 1 Coaching session absolutely FREE.  

So, my BONUS  to you when you invest in Karl’s  program is a FREE full 1 hour 1 to 1 zoom coaching session.

After you purchase, just email your receipt to me and we’ll fix a time for a zoom call.

For the next 5 people that take up this offer I’m adding even more value.

Following your 1 to 1 coaching session with me you’ll be able to access up to 1 week of email support from me to get any and all your questions on how to improve the mental aspects of your game answered, again absolutely free.

Your Guarantee


 Just so you know Karl is also giving you a 60 day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time and for any reason you decide within the first 60 days that the 5 Shots Lower program is not for you then he’ll refund every penny you have paid with no questions asked.

And in the unlikely event that you decide Karl’s program isn’t for you and you take advantage of his guarantee you’ll keep my £97 value bonus at no extra charge too.

I can take on only a limited number of students at any one time. My calendar is filling up already so this offer may be withdrawn at any time. When it is, to ensure fairness to all, this page will be updated to reflect that. So, you can see at least as at this very moment , the bonus offer remains open.

Best wishes,


Here’s my personal email address. Feel free to use it. I look forward to speaking soon.



PS Together we’ll work through the principles contained in Karl’s “5 Shots Lower program” to make sure you get the absolute most from his course, to answer any questions, to hurdle any stumbling blogs you may encounter, and put you in the best possible position not just to absorb the wonderful information, but to help you create the transformation you need to change into the golfer you yearn to become. 

Click below now to find out more about Karl’s program. Don’t forget to email me with your receipt of purchase as soon as possible.