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It will take only 5-10 minutes to determine how much of an impact my coaching has the potential to deliver for you. I require only your answer to a few simple questions concerning how you experience a few common thoughts and feelings during a round golf.

I recommend we schedule a short 5 -10 minute phone call to discuss. My coaching is not one size fits all. It’s not concerned with teaching you “the way” but rather pointing and guiding to help you uncover “your way” to fulfilling your potential.

During our call once we determine together beyond doubt that my method of coaching is fully suited to help transform and benefit you as an individual golfer, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to take up the offer of an amazing 1 hour,1 to 1 full on, 100% free coaching conversation with me via Zoom.

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Here is your FREE Video from  me Paul Guilfoyle Certified Mind Factor golf coach. Please click the play button to discover a simple question you can ask yourself to help gain more consistency, shoot lower scores, drop your handicap and enjoy golf more.…

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Start with our short 5-10 minute call


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All you have to do now is email the address below, text or call  and we’ll get you scheduled in for a short 5-10 minute phone call with me.

If I don’t pick up for whatever reason please leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

I appreciate we both have busy lives and I respect your precious time as well as my own. So I promise not to waste your time or mine. Please understand therefore that before we schedule the 1 hour zoom conversation you will have the opportunity to fix up a short 5-10 minute phone call with me.

During this short call we can both decide whether we would enjoy spending an hour of our time together and gauge how much you will be able to benefit from that.

You are committing to nothing. There are no tricks or smoke and mirrors. This is a full session with nothing held back. You’ll receive the same value in this free hour as any of my fee paying clients.

I WANT change for you. In a good way. Forever. I’ve discovered this is  what I am called here to do.

Worst case scenario, if I don’t deliver, you’ve “wasted” nothing but 10 minutes max. of your time.

Best case, your golf and perhaps your business or life in general changes permanently and you, and those around you will enjoy the benefits forever.

I promise that, like hundreds of thousands around the world, you’ll be blown away when this understanding is shared with you. Discover what you are REALLY capable of…

Take the time right now to email, text or phone me while this limited time offer remains open. We’ll speak or  schedule this short phone call and following that decide for yourself whether you wish to take advantage of my amazing 1 hour 100% free and full on 1 to 1 coaching session via Zoom