About Paul Guilfoyle



Paul is a transformative personal, business and sports performance coach with a life long passion for golf.

He started his first business over 30 years ago and now enjoys a portfolio of business interests. Having trained and qualified as a chartered accountant with a “Big 4” firm in the City of London he continues to help people deal with their taxes and finances via his accountancy and tax consultancy.

His  coaching helps guide entrepreneurs to overcome worry, stress and anxiety in business helping them create a healthier work life balance often with a corresponding increased profit.

We often hear it said that the most important asset of a business is people. As well as a business coach Paul is an experienced performance consultant with an expertise in what Sydney Banks termed the 3 Principles. Through this conversational style of coaching many people experience insights leading to a transformation enabling them to overcome a wide variety of  life’s problems and issues whilst creating an enhanced overall wellbeing helping them feel more calm, energetic, confident, powerful and generally happier no matter what challenges they face in business or in everyday life.

Paul’s lifelong sporting passion is golf which he began playing as a ten year old. Fifty years later at the age of 60 he won his club’s Scratch match play championship. It will probably come as no surprise that Paul doesn’t attribute this win to any increased power or flexibility gained from an ageing body, but he is a certified Mind Factor golf performance and Mindfulness coach trained under Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading mental game coaches. As a mental sport performance  coach Paul  guides men and lady  golfers of all ages  to find their own way of becoming as good as they can be generally helping them improve and enjoy the game more without having to work too hard on swing technique.


If you have  questions or would simply like to find out more about any of the above reach out now. Send an email, introduce yourself  or suggest a date for us to fix a time for a chat over a virtual or real coffee.