The 4 Core Areas Of The Mental Game You Must Work On To Lower Scores, Achieve Consistency And Enjoy Golf More


Bobby Jones  famously said “golf is a game played on a 5 inch course. That’s the distance between our ears.”

There is huge amounts of time, effort and  money spent attempting to improve swing technique. Yet despite golfers knowing  the mental side is vitally important, very few practice anything at all to help strengthen the mental side of their game.

Many amateurs seem to think working on “the mental side is just for the Pros ” or they’ll say “I’ll just get my swing working perfectly then I’ll sort out all that mind stuff”.

We believe this may be the reason why over the last 20 years or so  the average handicap hasn’t improved despite the amazing technology improvements in clubs and balls. The average golfer has been looking in the wrong direction.

So why haven’t they been working on the mental side of the game? We believe the simple answer is they’ve never had a clear instruction on exactly what they should be working on.  So Paul Guilfoyle has  written this short report and is soon to record a video which clearly explains the 4 key areas you can start working on to improve your game starting as soon as today.