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Hi, I’m Paul Guilfoyle and for years I struggled with my own golf game. I always knew the mental side of golf was fundamental to success at the game, so I studied and became certified as a Mind Factor performance coach under the brand of Karl Morris who has coached six Major winners and is one of Europe’s most well-known mind performance coaches.

More latterly I was introduced to a new understanding in psychology, a cutting- edge approach to transformation which helps people take back control of their emotions, beat stress, and develop bulletproof confidence quicker, easier, and more effectively than anything else I’ve seen.

Now my handicap has come down again and I even won my club’s scratch match play championship at the age of 60. I can say without doubt it’s not my ageing body that’s made the difference to my golf! Clearly my game is no longer based on power and flexibility. I need a different kind of edge. One that is available to golfers of all ages and skill levels.

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A Few of the Testimonials for Paul Guilfoyle


“How I went from 21 to 17 in two months”
I started to think about talking to Paul about my mental strength in 2020, when I realised I needed to address my ‘frustration’ with my own performance. I had a huge amount of respect for Paul’s game: the way he approached his golf, and specifically his ‘play in the moment’, as well as his manner on and off the course. He’s a true gentleman, and I didn’t have anything to lose by speaking with him.

I’d had a challenging golf year in 2019, and whilst I was getting a little better, I felt like something was holding me back from real progress. A year ago I was drifting around 23 and I saw 18 as being largely unattainable. I was frustrated during my games. I didn’t understand how to get my emotions under control and I had a lot of nerves and tension during competition. I thought the answers to getting better had everything to do with the technical side of the game.

After an initial chat with Paul, I learned about performance coaching and the work of Karl Morris. I did my research and working with Paul, we embarked on a programme to identify potential weaknesses in my mental game. I was amazed. Paul helped me with some easy wins and a foundation to introduce the mental side of the game to my everyday play, from dealing with the ‘chaos of the game’ to getting in the right mindset before, during and after shots.

I mistakenly believed that performance coaching was something that only the pro’s should do. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In eight weeks since the beginning of June, I’ve reduced my handicap from 21 to 17 and I feel more confident about my new goals and future handicap reduction than I ever have. My golfing buddies have noticed the change in my game. I couldn’t have done this without Paul and his approach, and I look forward to developing my strengths over the coming months and years.

Paul Z

-August 2020

“Aiming For Single Figures”

Like most golfers, I have parred or birdied every hole on the course, but then come the weekend or a club championship I shoot between 10-15 over.

It is not that I don’t know what shots to hit or I am not able to hit them,  I practice all the time but only seeing slow handicap drops.  I came to realise it is just me getting in my own way after speaking to Paul and a friend of mine who had started working with him.

Paul has been fantastic in helping me to get our of my own way.  Paul has helped me to understand what I am thinking when I am out on the course and be aware of what’s impacting me, so I can work on ways to avoid this.

Being present and aware has been eye-opening and helped me to gain consistency.

I feel more aware of my game, I am starting to think differently out on the course and managing my game a lot better, even seeing more options than previously.  I have a lot of work to do on my mental game, but for the first time, I understand that.

I feel like he has given me a whole new set of tools to help me get my handicap down to low single figures where I want it to be.

Fintan G

October 2020

“I have had the privilege of knowing Paul for about 4 years now. He has a thirst for acquiring knowledge which he can then bring to the table for his clients. Paul is a genuinely lovely man who passionately enjoys adding value…”

Paul F


Paul delivers a simple and yet effective method of golf coaching in which the player is encouraged to learn to fix errors during play.

The quality of the outcomes is a direct result of Paul’s ability to engage the golfer in the process from the outset.

At no point did I feel I was being asked to perform to a level beyond my physical ability- quite the reverse as I found I was able to unlock my true potential.

Most importantly of all I am now enjoying my golf again”.

“These coaching sessions with Paul have fundamentally transformed my game in a way no technical coach has been able to do”

PZ June 2021


After a 3 year exodus from golf I returned to play with high expectations and a renewed vigour for
the game, I had always believed the game was purely domiciled around the technique and had spent and continued to spend considerable time seeking technical coaching to the point that I had so many swing thoughts cluttering my mind and was always seeking the “holy grail” of the perfect swing that I started to struggle to even start the swing. Every round I thought I had found “it” only to be confronted with yet another problem and poor scoring.

Some of the players in our group at the club had utilised Pauls coaching and I turned to Paul for help, Pauls calm and effective tuition around how the mind influences the body’s reactions and the
processes that we are developing for my golf are already having a major impact after 4 sessions,
utilising aforementioned processes and not focusing on pure technicalities has allowed the golfer that does exist within to return and I am now thoroughly enjoying golf again. This is not a quick fix, and we continue on our journey, but I have now clearly defined goals for my golf and with Pauls continued help I am very confident of reaching them.

Doug O July 2021