About Paul Guilfoyle | Performance Coach | Property Development Finance | Accountant

Paul started his first business more than 30 years ago and now enjoys a portfolio of business interests mentioned briefly on this page. He trained and qualified as a chartered accountant with a “Big 4” firm in the City of London and continues to have an interest in an accountancy and tax consultancy.

He is a coach guiding entrepreneurs to overcome worry, stress and anxiety in business helping them create a healthier work life balance without a corresponding reduction in profit.

It is often said that the most important asset of a business is the people. As well as a business coach Paul is an experienced performance consultant with an expertise in what Sydney Banks termed the 3 Principles. Through this style of coaching many people experience insights leading to a transformation benefitting them with lower stress, worry, and anxiety with enhanced overall wellbeing helping them feel more calm, confident, and powerful, no matter what challenges they face in business or in everyday life.

One of Paul’s lifelong passions is golf which he started playing as a ten year old. Fifty years later at the age of 60 he recently won his club’s Scratch match play championship. Nobody should be surprised that Paul doesn’t attribute the win to any increased power or flexibility gained from his ageing body, but he is a certified Mind Factor golf performance coach trained under Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading mental game coaches. As a mind performance golf coach Paul  specialises in coaching his players to improve and enjoy the game more without having to work hard on their swing.

Paul now also loves to devote time to working with his son Joe, a specialist finance broker funding up to 100% of the costs of property development. The USP is  access to two exclusive equity funding lines together with a further circa twenty equity funds. The Company matches experienced property developers with senior and mezzanine debt providers but  also sources equity investment. This means clients decide how much, if any, of their own capital to put into a project. Where appropriate 100 % of the cost of development is available.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how any of the above might help you, please  reach out now. Send an email to say hi and introduce yourself so we can fix a time for a chat over a virtual or real coffee.